Emma Cui

Managing Partner and CEO

Shi Khai Wei

Co-Founder & General Partner

Roy Lu


Stefano Bury

Head of LongHashX

Emir Izaddeen

Head of Strategic Initiatives & Operations

Michael Tiew

Program Lead

Thura Aung

Senior Research Analyst

Raghav Agarwal

Senior Research Analyst

Emerson Liang

Portfolio Manager

Jemar Luczon

Finance and Operations

Tanya Aggarwal

Marketing and PR Associate
Team's background
About LongHash Ventures
LongHash Ventures specializes in bootstrapping Web3 ecosystems. Our venture funds invest in early-stage Web3 protocols, and our LongHashX Accelerator partners with ecosystems and protocols to accelerate early-stage founders.
About LongHashX
LongHashX is one of the world’s leading Web3 accelerators with the strongest network in Asia. We partner with the leading Web3 ecosystems and infrastructure protocols to build their developer communities by funding and venture building with early-stage founders.