Witness Web 3.0 in the First-Ever Demo Day in the Metaverse

Witness Web 3.0 in the First-Ever Demo Day in the Metaverse

Our (work-in-progress) parcel of land on CryptoVoxels

At 10pm PST on the 17th of January (or 2pm HKT/SGT on the 18th of January), you can witness the next generation of Web 3.0 at our LongHashX Demo Day. This year, we will be hosting Demo Day in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse, in collaboration with Protocol Labs.

“Our move from real-world Demo Days to the Metaverse represents the Web 3-native approach that we’ve taken with our accelerator program this year,” our Program Lead Stefano Bury explains. “As we go beyond a broad program covering business strategy, fundraising, and marketing in the past, towards a crypto-native, tailored program focused on Web 3 topics such as tokenomics this time around, we thought that hosting our Demo Day in the Metaverse would encapsulate that Web 3 approach.”

LongHashX is our 7th accelerator cohort. We had previously partnered with ecosystems such as Polkadot, Filecoin, and Algorand to grow more than 40 projects, which have raised more than $100m in the past 3 years.

LongHashX is segmented into 2 tracks: the DeFi track enabled by Asia DeFi Network and the Filecoin Frontier Accelerator track partnered with Protocol Labs.

Our (work-in-progress) parcel of land on CryptoVoxels

DeFi Track, enabled by Asia DeFi Network:

The Asia DeFi Network track is composed of 5 projects.

  • Manta Network: The privacy layer on Polkadot
  • ApeBoard: A cross-chain DeFi dashboard
  • Nibbl: An NFT fractionalization protocol that offers guaranteed liquidity and an easy buyout process
  • Smart Token Labs: Enhances utility and value of NFTs with a suite of tools (including attestation and merging of derivatives)
  • GoodGhosting: Gamified habit-forming DeFi applications which reward saving

Filecoin Frontier Accelerator Track, partnered with Protocol Labs

The Filecoin Frontier Accelerator Track is composed of 4 projects:

  • Grape Protocol: A tooling stack for communities to create decentralized social networks on Solana
  • Lit Protocol: Tooling dApp developers, DAOs, and Web 2 companies through a decentralized access control network that links off-chain content/experiences to on-chain conditions (wallet holdings & history)
  • Matters Lab: A Web 3 social media platform where users can collaboratively create and monetize digital assets, while controlling their own data
  • Lighthouse: A permanent file storage protocol built on Filecoin that allows the ability to pay once and store forever
Our (work-in-progress) parcel of land on CryptoVoxels

Rewards for You

To reward attendees of the first-ever Demo Day in the Metaverse, we will reward attendees with a portion of a 1/1 NFT fractionalized by Nibbl.

Attendees will also enter a raffle to win 12 exclusive NFTs. The prize pool includes:

  • Fractionalized tokens from an album of 40 Meebits or 17 Loot NFTs, by szns
  • 2 Monkeyball NFTs that can be used as soccer players in the Monkeyball Game
  • Virtual streetwear clothing that can be worn in the Realy Metaverse
  • 2 Arcadian NFTs that can be used as platform avatars to access more games in OP Games’ Arcade
  • 2 NFT Dungeon items on Curio NFT that can be used in their upcoming DnD-like P2E platform
  • 2 Chelobricks by Unique Network: cross-chain NFTs that have composable functionality and evolving traits
  • A Lit Protocol Genesis NFT that grants you access to a private Discord channel, an OG role, and a collaborative art piece
  • A DigiAvatar that grants you access to the DigiNation Metaverse

The conditions to win the fractionalized NFT and enter the raffle are to follow LongHash Ventures on Twitter, register for Demo Day, retweet the announcement tweet, and tag three friends on it.

So what are you waiting for? Book yourself a seat for a Demo Day in the Metaverse, witness exciting Web 3 projects at their nascent stages, and get yourself an NFT this holiday season.

Book your seat for Demo Day here: https://bit.ly/3m4fDqU
Visit to our parcel of land on CryptoVoxels: https://bit.ly/LHXMetaverse

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