We’re excited to accelerate and invest in the next generation of leading projects in the Axelar ecosystem

We’re excited to accelerate and invest in the next generation of leading projects in the Filecoin ecosystem

We’re excited to accelerate and invest in the next generation of leading projects in the Axelar ecosystem

LongHashX Accelerator Axelar Cohort

LongHashX Cohort 10, in partnership with Axelar, provides builders with the knowledge and network to launch their projects on the Axelar ecosystem

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Witness the first global cross-chain accelerator graduates showcase their Web3 projects through a culminating demo day to the public. Demo day is happening in:


What’s in it for projects buidling on Axelar?

12-Week Program


  • Workshops and fireside chats on Web3 product strategy and design, tokenomics, governance, community building, and fundraising

  • Weekly one-on-one problem solving sessions with venture builders

  • Opportunity to pitch live to investors at Demo Day

Access to Network


  • Access to LongHash Ventures’ and Axelar’s network of Web 3 founders, investors, and technical experts

  • Access to Axelar’s wide network of distribution channels across Cosmos ecosystem to help Web3 dev partnerships
  • Access to LongHash Ventures’ portfolio companies to develop partnerships and acquire your first users
  • Weekly office hours with mentors



  • US$100K upfront investment from LongHashX
  • Potential to receive additional, discretionary investment from LongHash Ventures upon completion of the program



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the LongHashX Accelerator Axelar Cohort?

You receive immediate funding of US$100k, a 12-week structured program covering Web3-native topics, the opportunity to pitch to investors during Demo Day, and access to LongHash Ventures’ and Axelar’s extensive network of investors, founders, and tech specialists

Is the LongHashX Accelerator Axelar Cohort right for me?

We are excited about cross-chain projects that connect to the Axelar Network and leverage its General Message Passing functionality to call smart contracts on other dApps across chains, such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Polygon, Avalanche, and Near, among others. We are particularly interested in teams building “super apps” that can call on functions across multiple chains to bring out the best in each chain, and in teams that utilize different chains in modular ways, e.g. storage, off-chain computing, token liquidity, NFT minting, privacy, and more. Some non-exhaustive examples of the use cases we expect to see include universal AMMs (pooling liquidity from any user, in any asset, on any chain); open gaming (any asset on any chain becomes currency, artifact, or credential); cross-chain NFT-DeFi use cases (NFTs from one chain used as collateral to borrow on another chain), and DAO infrastructure (managing assets on multiple chains with governance in a “headquarter” chain)

What does Axelar do?

Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication. That means dApp users can interact with any asset, any application, on any chain, with one click. You can think of it as Stripe for Web3. Developers interact with a simple API atop a permissionless network that routes messages and ensures network security via proof-of-stake consensus.

Basically, Axelar is a blockchain that connects blockchains: “secure” means Axelar is built on proof-of-stake, the battle-tested approach used by Avalanche, Cosmos, Eth2, etc. As a blockchain, Axelar provides features other blockchains cannot duplicate: for example, one-time cross-chain deposit addresses that duplicate centralized exchanges’ user onboarding experience.

What is General Message Passing?

Most people are familiar with cross-chain activity via bridges, which can only transport wrapped representations of assets. General Message Passing goes beyond: Axelar can transport any payload. DApp users can now call any function, securely, on any chain, all with a single click. Developers can compose DeFi functions, move tokens and NFTs, and perform cross-chain calls of any kind that sync state securely between dApps on various ecosystems. For example, a wallet built on Avalanche could allow Ethereum users to post Ethereum NFTs as collateral in a Cosmos DeFi app.

Just as Ethereum added Turing-complete computing, taking cryptocurrency beyond storing and moving assets, General Message Passing supports secure, any-to-any cross-chain composability.

What are the investment terms?

LongHashX will invest US$100k at the start of the program in exchange for 2% of equity and future total token supply. At LongHash Ventures’ discretion, selected teams may receive additional investments, after the program

Why is LongHash Ventures the right early-stage investor?

LongHash Ventures is a Web3-native investor with >70 portfolio companies across DeFi, Web3 Gaming, NFT & Culture, DAO & Social, and Tooling & Infrastructure verticals. We are Web3 thought leaders and work very closely with founders to provide advice on Web3 product strategy & design, tokenomics, governance, community building, and other Web3 native topics, as well as provide access to our investor network and to our founder network, for startups to raise money, establish partnerships, and acquire their first users

How long is the program and what is the curriculum?

The program is 12-weeks long and includes a series of workshops and fireside chats across six modules, including Web3 Product Strategy & Design, Tokenomics, Governance, Tech Mentorship, Community Building, and Fundraising. Startups will have weekly one-on-one problem-solving sessions with our Venture Builders as well as weekly mentor office hours with investors, founders, and developers from LongHash Ventures’ and Axelar’s networks. Lastly, startups will have a chance to pitch live to investors during Demo Day at the end of the program

What happens at the end of the program?

Post-Demo Day, we will connect you to investors who attended Demo Day and registered an interest in meeting with you, and we can provide you with guidance on how to think about choosing strategic investors. You will also become part of our LongHashX alumni network and the wider LongHash Ventures network

When do applications close and when does the program start?

Applications are open until early November and the program starts mid December

What type of startups do you usually accept?

We consider early-stage startups connecting to Axelar that are looking to call on functions across multiple chains to bring out the best in each chain, and in teams that utilize different chains in modular ways. Startups ideally have full-time cofounders (or in the process of becoming full-time) with a well thought out problem statement and solution or whitepaper and idea. A prototype or MVP is ideal but not required to be considered. Typically we consider startups that have not yet gone through any rounds of fundraising, as we are usually the first check and our investment terms are standard

Is there support available for projects not selected into the program?

Yes! Projects that are shortlisted for an interview but that are ultimately not selected into the program will be eligible to be considered for Axelar’s grants program. Projects that successfully receive grants from Axelar will be invited to join the program’s fireside chats

Where is the program located?

The program is remote and conducted virtually, which allows us to take in projects from all over the world. Depending on travel and border restrictions, there may be opportunities for in-person meet ups in Asia and other parts of the world

Is the program open to startups globally?

Yes, geographic location is not an acceptance criteria and we consider teams globally. We have program alumni from Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania

Is the program global?

Yes, the program is global and you will get access to a network of mentors and investors globally, including in Asia, North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. Venture Builders will be available in your time zone for weekly 1-on-1 sessions. Workshops and fireside chats will be scheduled to allow for any project anywhere to attend

Is the program free?

Yes! The program is completely free

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